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We hope you find this page informative about your exam preperation.  If you have any further questions about your exam preperation, please contact our scheduling department at 813-874-3177.

NPO: Nothing By Mouth

Do not eat or drink, except plain water, for 4-6 hours before the scan; No coffee, no gum, and no mints; Do not exercise 48 hours before your exam; Diabetic patients will need to keep their blood sugar level below 150.

MRCP: NPO 4 hours before exam.
Cardiac MRI: NPO 3 hours before exam.  Note: At the time of scheduling, allergy, screening, and further prep instructions will be reviewed.

Breast MRI: Bilateral Diagnostic-NPO 3 hours before exam.  No estrogen or hormone replacement therapy (medication for Hot Flashes ONLY) for 4 weeks prior to exam.  Continue all other hormones (example: For Chemotherapy, Thyroid Disease, Birth Control, etc...)
Breast MRI:
Implants Evaluation -NPO 3 hours before exam.

CT Scan:
Abdomen: NPO 3 hours before exam, must pick up contrast 1 day before exam.
Pelvis: NPO 3 hours before exam, must pick up contrast 1 day before exam.
Brain w/contrast: NPO 3 hours before exam.
Chest: NPO 3 hours before exam.
Virtual Colonoscopy: Patient must pick up preparation kit 2 days prior to exam.

CTA Scan:
Thoracic Coronary Arteries: Contact facility for instruction.

Nuclear Medicine:
Thyroid up/scan: Contact facility for instruction.
Renal/Vasotec: No ace inhibitor 48 hours prior to exam.
Thallium Stress Test: NPO after midnight.
Biliary Scan/GBEF: NPO after midnight.
Gastric Empty: NPO after midnight.

Abdomen: NPO after midnight.
Liver: NPO after midnight.
Gall Bladder: NPO after midnight.
Right Upper Quadrant: NPO after midnight.
Pancreas: NPO after midnight.
Aorta: NPO after midnight.
SMA: NPO after midnight.
Pelvic: Full bladder, 32 ounces 1 hour prior to exam.
Pelvic w/trans vaginal: Full bladder.
Transvaginal Complete ONLY: No Prep is necessary.
OB: Full bladder.
Sonohystero: Contact facility for instruction.

Upper GI: NPO after midnight.
Upper GI w/Small bowel: NPO after midnight and only clear liquids after 7pm the night before.
Small Bowel: NPO after midnight, patient to take a mild laxative the night before.
Barium Enema: Patient to pick up preparation kit 2 days prior to exam.

Other Procedures:
IVP: Patient to pick up preparation kit 2 days prior to exam.

Breast Biopsy Services (Instructions for Stereotactic, Ultrasound and MRI):
NPO 2 hours before exam.  No aspirin, Vitamin E, or Coumadin (blood thinner), 7 days before or 2 days after biopsy unless otherwise directed.  Continue prescribed medication.

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